Announcing Dhan – India’s Most Advanced Investment Platform

Raise was incorporated on 1st January 2021 with the aim of creating technology-led consumer financial services and products. We feel that there is a significant number of Indians today who are financially aware and literate, they value time and seek high-quality products and services. We believe there exists an opportunity in offering a better and differentiated experience with financial products to these users.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our first product – Dhan. We are building Dhan as India’s most advanced investment platform, one that is built for Super Traders & Long Term Investors.

The first version of Dhan app is 20X better than any investment product in India. It is already in the hands of some of our early users who have been investing and trading in markets for years and they are absolutely in love with it. Today along with announcing Dhan, we also open registrations for early access to Dhan – you can sign up for the same on  

Yes, there are surprise rewards for users on the early access list.

Here is what Dhan has for you:

Dhan is a members-only platform, access is by Invitation Only

A good trader knows more traders. A good investor knows more investors. If you know more than 2 people who either invest or trade in Stock Markets, then Dhan is the platform that is made for you.

Dhan is designed specially for users who either track/trade every day or those who believe in long term investing. Our products, features, insights, interactions, information, and communications are designed to work if you relate to this. Hence, Dhan is an invitation only product. Only existing users of Dhan can invite new users.

Built for a Pro Experience

We feel most investment platforms are more or less similar to each other and they have not evolved with time. While both traders and investors have gotten smart about how they make money and build wealth, as users we have continued to use the same products, features, and platforms that were available for years with little or no innovation. With Dhan, we aim to give a superior experience to both Super Traders and Long Term Investors with a better, and product + technology first platform.

Simply put, if you are bored of using the same dull experience of investing or trading apps for years – Dhan is the app for you!

Everything that matters, available on Day 1

We noticed that one of the most important criteria for stock market investors is the availability of a full & complete experience. Which is why on Day 1, Dhan will offer trading on all exchanges – BSE, NSE & MCX, in all segments – Equity, ETF, Futures & Options, Commodities and Currencies, and all type of orders – Market, Limit, Trigger, Cover, Bracket, After Market, and Good till Cancel.

Yes, everything. On day 1. Excited? Register for early access now!

First to market features, all insights & tools available on Single App

Stock market apps have not changed for years, most look and feel the same. With Dhan, we aim to change that and introduce a platform that is built based on feedback from over 2.5 lac investors & traders. Dhan does two things – brings out an intuitive experience that places insights & signals for you to take your decisions fast (and execute your decisions) and introduces many first-time features never seen in India or anywhere before. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Every single Dhan team member has a customer-centric approach to everything we do. From founders to engineers, from designers to product, from growth to operations – we all are making Dhan experience work for you. You can expect the same kind of passion and commitment from every Dhan team member, whether you’re speaking to a member of our customer service team or with any other team member. Our entire team is bound together by a singular objective to deliver the best to our customers.

Technology and Product first approach, at best in class pricing

With Dhan, we aim to keep product experience and technology at the core of everything we do. Unmatched experience for Super Traders and extremely insightful information for Long Term Investors. All of this, at best in class pricing. 

Be an insider with Dhan Community

Want early access to Dhan and its new features? Or better, want to help us build Dhan? 
Be a part of the Dhan Community.

As a member of our community, you get to interact with like-minded investors & traders, be part of community-only events, stay updated on the latest in stock markets, get early access to new features, and build Dhan with us with a chance to be a part of our beta programs. Coming soon 🚀

Get started with Dhan, register for early access on:

Stay updated about Dhan at: 

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